Meet the Team

I coach mountain biking for high school teams and the GA Devo Team.

Alex Harrod


I was born on Yokosuka Naval Base Japan, travel to China twice a year for the last 15 years - and I don't speak a lick of a foreign language.

Jesse Beecher

Chief Information Officer

On the weekend you can find me watching football.

Greg Johnson

Chief Financial Officer

On the weekends I'm usually playing with my daughter or attending a fun class.

May Chen

Purchasing Manager

Fun Fact About Myself: I enjoy home brewing and mead making.

Andrew Goulding

Business Development Manager

Fun Fact About Me: I only have one Kidney.

Peter Marks

Strategic Account Manager

Fun Fact About Me: I was drafted by the Brewers to play baseball.

Kenny Avera

National Account Director

You can find me in the stands yelling, "Go Dodgers!"

Joey Guerrero

West Coast Business Development

Fun fact about me - I like to hike and have been to 25 National Parks.

Dave Metro

Senior Account Manager

I love to travel. Europe is my favorite destination! My goal is to visit every continent.

Shannon Duley

Senior Account Coordinator

My go-to Starbucks order is a Chai Latte.

Emily Tomlinson

Account Coordinator

Fun Fact About Me: Im the one who let the dogs out circa 2000.

William Allen

Solutions Architect

You can find me in the stands yelling, "GOOOO DAWGS! SIC EM!"

Gary Mcelroy

Warehouse Associate

My go-to Starbucks order is a Venti Caramel Macchiato.

Keith G. Maxwell

Warehouse Manager

My go-to Starbucks order is a Skinny Vanilla Latte.

Donna Relic


On the weekend, you can find me attending one of my Grandson's sporting events and watching my Georgia teams on TV...GO DAWGS!

Sandy Sharp

Accounting Assistant

My go-to Starbucks order is a Caramel Macchiato.

Tracey Tuggle

Marketing Coordinator

On the Weekend you can find me anywhere outdoors - usually fishing or on my kayak.

Ray O'Neill

Logistics Manager

I am on the links every chance I get - 13 handicap!

KK Promchat

New Product Specialist

Aida Guerero

Lead Management Specialist

On the weekends, you can find me involved in a serious game of Ultimate Frisbee.

Kalid Sudu

Lead Digital Press Operator

Fun Fact About Me: I am an artist and enjoy making music.

Ashley Enyart

Warehouse Associate