Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have samples?
Blank or random non-working samples are provided free of charge.  Random working samples are provided at normal unit cost.  We require payment of freight, or a valid shipper account number for all samples.

Can you rush an order?
We have several models that are available as a rush, please ask your salesperson for the options and lead-times.

Do you charge for paper proofs?
We do not charge anything for paper proofs and we typically provide them in about 1 hour.

I notice flash memory prices change frequently. How long do you guarantee prices?
Flash memory is a commodity, like Oil and as such price varies depending a variety of factors: supply, demand, news, etc.  The length of time we guarantee prices depends on memory pricing volatility.  It is normally 5 days, and it clearly stated on our quotes.  If memory is really volatile we will shorten this based on market conditions.  Prices are subject to change without notice in the presence of any natural disasters, and rest assured we will work with you in the event of any changes to the best of our ability.

What are your 3 most popular styles?
Our most popular styles in order of volume are: UD20B, UD15, and our UD05.

What is your least expensive style?
Our least expensive USB drives are the UD20b style, followed by our UD15.

I need an order quickly. What is your fastest option?
Our fastest model is our UD20b. We are able to ship select colors of this drive as fast as 24 hours from our Atlanta office, and any of our standard colors are available in 5-7 days.

What products do you offer that are Eco-Friendly?
We offer styles of bamboo USB drives, and USB pens, as well as solar powered cell phone chargers, and solar powered keychain flashlights.  All of our USB drives are made from recycled plastics and metals, and our facility is RoHS compliant, so there are no harmful metals to worry about getting into the environment.

What is your minimum on Custom PVC drives?
Due to the number of resources needed to process custom PVC drives, in addition to the long lead times we have a strict 500 piece minimum.

How big is a 1GB drive?
Approximately 90% of a drives capacity is actually able to be used.  The remainder is used by the file system. (ex. A 1GB drive is usually about 990MB).

Can you upload data to a USB drive?
We are able to upload files provided by your clients onto our USB drives for an additional charge.  The charge will depend on the amount of the data being uploaded, as well as if the data is uploaded in our Georgia office, or our China facility.

Can you make a file auto run when someone plugs the USB drive in?
Having a file auto run is not reliably possible.  Whether the file will run is dependent upon operating system, user settings, network settings, network environment, and what operating system is currently running.

Can you encrypt a USB drive
The encryption software can be installed, but it has to be setup by the end customer.  As such there is no way we can upload any files to the encrypted portion of the drive.

My drives are finished, but the data isn’t ready yet. What can we do?
We will invoice and hold the drives in Atlanta for up to 4 weeks.  After 4 weeks, we will have to ship the drives to the customer to hold until the data is ready, at which point they can ship them back to have the data uploaded.

How much inventory do you keep?
Most of our units are built to order, specifically to your clients specs.

What do we need to provide in order to custom design a product?
Normally to custom design a unit we will need to have 90-120 days, depending on the complexity of the product.  Also, the quantity will need to be sufficient to offset the design costs.  Normally 10K units is the bare minimum for a complete custom project.  We will provide the setup costs and approximate unit costs after a consultation with you and your client.

Can you send me a catalog?
Our catalogs are available for online download any time from our website.  Should you need a hard copy catalog, please contact your salesperson and we can have one mailed to you.

I notice your catalog doesn’t have pricing listed. Why is this?
Due to the volatility of flash memory we aren’t able to include pricing in our catalog.

I don’t have vector art, can you help me change my art?
In some cases we can provide limited assistance with art files.  Any art manipulation from us will require a $60(v) art fee, and approval once completed.

Do you ship outside the United States?
Yes, however, we require a 3rd party DHL or Fedex shipper account to bill shipping, duties, and taxes to.  All shipments outside the US will originate from our factory in Shenzhen China.  We are not able to use UPS to ship internationally.

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